Monday Morning Inspiration

Every Monday morning, when I have my daughter, I drop her off at school. It’s a nice way to spend a bit more time with her and one of the “large pebbles” in my jar of life.

If you don’t know the analogy, imagine your life as a jar: if you fill it with sand – lots of small, insignificant things, you will not have room for the essentials and you will feel insecure and unhappy, however much happiness these things promise to deliver.

My daughter is the biggest pebble in the jar, and my taking her to school is one of the important things that give meaning to my existence, before I add the smaller pebbles of nice things that fit around the larger ones. It also leads to another one, which has become an essential part of my life and journey of personal growth.

As some of you know from my Instagram updates, for the last few years I have been taking some time after dropping my daughter to pause for thought and meditation – and share the view to those whose Monday morning canvass is perhaps more mundane than mine, in the hope it lifts the spirit and helps beat the feeling so many of us get when a new week commences.

At this time of year I can wind down the windows and feel the breeze, now refreshing not chilling, waft through the car; and listen to the birds singing in the trees, whose leaves today were playing their part in nature’s glorious symphony, as the wind rustled through the poplars, evoking the sound of the sea.

So today, with no technology, just nature’s soundtrack, I spent a serene time preparing myself for another busy week, an essential time which I have proven makes the rest of my time so much more productive and fulfilling. All in this glorious scenery I am lucky enough to live among.



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