Leadership and Music

Imagine your whole team working together instinctively, “on the same page”, supporting your leadership…

This is what musicians do. It’s what any inspired team can achieve. You and your team can achieve it too. You have what it takes to be a great leader!

I have been leading people and teams, in business, academic and community environments for over thirty years now. My passion for leadership and music has lead me to create this section of the site to help you achieve the success you want in all areas of your life, using proven tools, success principles and the incredible untapped potential of music.

Here you will find a range of topics, including:

  • Leadership and music
  • Music and team building
  • Music and Emotional Intelligence

All in both for profit and not-for-profit sectors. Indeed one of my other passions is giving the next generation the best possible start in life, so my leadership in education ideas will be presented in this part of the site.


What you will NOT find is a conventional (read “boring”!) site full of old-fashioned theoretical essays or traditional business school style management training. Instead, you will learn the best lessons from history, combined with the latest developments in the world to ensure that you are best prepared to lead a constantly changing environment. I want this to be a fun place to stay as I bring together all I have learnt and present it in my own, light-hearted style. I love collecting quotes and jokes, too, which have inspired me or made me laugh – and sometimes both!


Finally, if you agree that we need to create a more sustainable model for local and global development, you will be at home here. I already run a successful website dedicated to the more niche area of corporate governance, which incorporates concepts such as ethical business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), transparency and basically good, sound management. That site generates a lot of traffic from all over the planet, indicating the interest in the subject and my efforts to help usher in a new era of consciousness and responsibility. Applied Corporate Governance (ACG) was quoted by the Financial Times in an article related to leadership, one reason I decided to set up a Leadership Zone on that site, which houses my Conscious Leadership programme.

The ACG brand is run with my father and is perhaps more “serious”, though I do try and make it less so. With my passion for music, I decided to create a section on my personal site to explore the specific lessons music has to offer for leadership and teams, but some content I will publish on both sites.

I intend to use both sites to highlight issues affecting us all so we can achieve a true win-win-win situation – as the tagline for the ACG website states: People – Planet – Profit! Together we can make a big difference in the world! Join me!

  • Business leaders and owners
  • Leaders and prospective
  • leaders in non-profit and (non-)governmental organisations
  • Musicians wanting to learn leadership skills
  • Performing Arts groups wishing to learn the disciplines of business, especially social enterprise, to help them through difficult funding times
Leadership and music is a powerful combination, one which delivers greater empathy and understanding but also discipline and habits of success, among many other benefits.

Have you ever wondered how leadership and music can be combined to overcome any challenge, personal or professional? Find out how as I explore the two things I am most passionate about. Read more…