Personal Growth

Emotional roller coaster

I have written a fair amount about emotions already. Me being an emotional soul has lead to many an emotional roller coaster. As I say in the intro to my

Coaching tired and stressed teenagers

Through my teaching I have close contact with a number of teenagers through my small, conversation-based groups and private classes. Most arrive tired and stressed, which can make things difficult,

Foggy Dawn, Blazing Heart

Here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago. I occasionally use poetry and/or songwriting in moments of intense learning experiences, usually brought about by a difficult emotional experience. In

Two letters spell the difference between finding and losing consciousness

A friend of mine is dyslexic and so is her daughter. The other day, during a presentation her sister (the daughter’s) was giving, she read two words in Catalan that

Instantly conquer your fears – I just did…

Ok, so in between my posts on accessing consciousness I had to stop to pen (ok, type) this. I’ve been writing the next post on emotional freedom in which apart from

Accessing consciousness: unleash your power

I have come to realise more and more the power we have to wield over our lives and it all begins and ends with accessing consciousness.

Gratitude: the key to happiness and abundance

“If you don’t stop being grateful, I’ll give you something to be grateful for!” I am grateful for the air I breath. So something tells me to drive to this

Monday Morning Inspiration

Every Monday morning, when I have my daughter, I drop her off at school. It’s a nice way to spend a bit more time with her and one of the “large

Music, emotion and the positive side of being run over…

At the end of May I made the headlines of the local newspapers, though not for the reasons for which I had hoped – testing my secondhand knowledge that a

How to develop self-confidence

If, like me, you were a shy kid, you’ve probably spent many hours wondering how to develop self-confidence. In this post I’d like to share with you my own journey