Avoiding culture shock

When someone from your host culture appears rude or unnecessarily polite, step back and think about how you react in the same situation and realise it is just a different

Mono-lingual Brits

The British have always been adventurous, yet never prepared to meet other cultures halfway. In today’s globalised world the spread of English as the ‘killer language’ has re-enforced this national

Where art thou, English culture?

Having married into a Spanish family (or more specifically Catalan) over ten years ago, I have long been aware of the multitude of cultural traditions here, as numerous as the

A Proper blog….

OK, so I decided to stop pretending I would use this site to create a well structured, optimised, coherent site and submit to the inevitable call of the Blog. I

Can you make money by giving your products away?

As the internet continues to evolve, new business models have sprung up, many based apparently on giving things away. But can you really make money by giving your products away?

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