To teach and to learn

Since September I have returned to teaching, after many years in business. Putting all that experience to good use helping others is very rewarding as any teacher will tell you.

Ainsa – jewel of Aragon

Despite my last post about my poor eating experience, the trip into Aragon on Saturday was fabulous nonetheless as the photo illustrates. I will be creating a gallery to house

Spanish food culture – part 2

I take it back. My remark about Spanish food culture and its influence on quality. It IS possible to eat badly in Spain. I’m not quite sure how, but the

Paella Party

I have had two more Spanish food culture experiences in the last 24 hours. As I wrote yesterday just before leaving home, as part of the local neighbourhood fiestas, there

The Foam Fest

Despite my new commitment to posting every day, I have dropped a day already. I have a good excuse though – two, actually. The first is I spent the morning

Spanish food culture

I couldn’t go any longer without writing something about Spanish food culture. It is one of the great pleasures of being here. So far, I have found very few places

Working from home

Last December my family and I moved from England back to my wife’s native Spain. My wife and I had work from home jobs and with our daughter growing up

Homemade energy that doesn’t cost thousands

Now I know this has little to do with ‘culture’ or communication for that matter, but renewable energy is something I also am very passionate about – we need to

Lleida Airport nears completion

Lleida is to get a new airport very soon, in time for the next skiing season. With the Pyrenees just an hour’s drive or so away, it is hoped that

Spanish bureaucracy

Following my last post on culture shock my ideas have been seriously tested. I’ve been living in Spain for six months almost to the day and for most of that