The truth about “God” – it’s you!

Energy particles, light particles, God particles… Most people now accept that the universe is made of energy. But what was there before the universe(s) existed? The same, timeless, limitless energy.

Emotional roller coaster

I have written a fair amount about emotions already. Me being an emotional soul has lead to many an emotional roller coaster. As I say in the intro to my

Coaching tired and stressed teenagers

Through my teaching I have close contact with a number of teenagers through my small, conversation-based groups and private classes. Most arrive tired and stressed, which can make things difficult,

Foggy Dawn, Blazing Heart

Here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago. I occasionally use poetry and/or songwriting in moments of intense learning experiences, usually brought about by a difficult emotional experience. In

Magical Mystery Tour

My first selection for my upcoming photobook with the theme "Inspiration".

Inspiration: a new photobook project!

I have a new book project. A photobook, to be precise. A good friend of mine, Ken Goddard, is a talented photographer and I am often inspired by his work.

Two letters spell the difference between finding and losing consciousness

A friend of mine is dyslexic and so is her daughter. The other day, during a presentation her sister (the daughter’s) was giving, she read two words in Catalan that

Gillette: the best a brand can get?

I’m taking a break from writing about Catalonia to put my oar in about the new Gillette ad. As someone who fervently defends equitable treatment of all people, regardless of where you were

The War of Art

A few years ago I joined a coaching programme and one of the many things my amazing coach recommended to me was a book called The War of Art. A

Instantly conquer your fears – I just did…

Ok, so in between my posts on accessing consciousness I had to stop to pen (ok, type) this. I’ve been writing the next post on emotional freedom in which apart from