I am a passionate, loving, creative and intuitive person who values forgiveness, integrity, patience, good humour and social enterprise. Among my many interests, I love music (listening, playing, & writing), travel, growing my own fruit & vegetables and wine.

My mission in life, of which I was clear from an early age, is to help people help themselves. We all have everything we need to be happy and succeed, to dream and to have those dreams come true, if we only dare to try. I now dedicate my life to using what I have learnt to bring out the hidden genius in everyone.

That is, after all, the original and true meaning of the word “educate” – to draw out (from the latin e or ex meaning out and ducare, guide, lead or draw). Unfortunately, modern education systems work the opposite way, trying at best to fill young minds with facts and at worst inculcating a harmful and limiting mindset which keeps people trapped for life. We only truly learn through experience, so learning must involve that experience to bring facts and theories to life. It must equip us with the tools we can use ourselves to perform and be happy doing so.

I have been clear for over half my life (more than 20 years) that I was born to help and lead others. That has lead to various businesses, travelling, writing and lecturing. Over the last few years of teaching mainly business English (and English business!) – and now running fun, relaxed conversation groups and parties – I have realised that the most rewarding part is not the contents but the personal impact I can make. Every teacher is part pshyciatrist but with my sensitivity, empathy and need to help people conquer the limiting beliefs that hold them back, I have been focussing increasingly on breaking this cycle so students can develop their full potential.

It is no co-incidence that this approach has been influenced my increasing interest in personal development and growth. While I have always been an incurable optimist and am lucky enough to have an instinct for most of what I have been learning from others, what I lacked were specific tools and techniques that could give structure and discipline to my creative and easily distracted mind.

I have therefore reframed my life using instinctively selected tools I have learned from the likes of Steve Pavlina, the great Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) and others, and created my own formula for happiness and success. Right now I am working on a new book which I hope will help others do the same, based on a simple but powerful technique I have developed. I also run personal growth seminars and workshops here in Lleida.

Speaking of Jack Canfield, his Success Principles (now celebrating their 10th anniversary) have had such an impact on my life that a couple of years agoI decided to take my own personal growth journey to the next level and learn directly from the best. I was accepted into an exclusive Personal Coaching programme with Jack’s personally trained coaches after a tougher than expected interview. All the most successful people have had some sort of coach and while I have been lucky enough to have my father as a mentor, from whom I have learnt a huge amount about life and business (doing an “MBA” on the job running businesses), I wanted a new, external stimulus – and Jack has achieved much of what I am setting out to achieve. I am therefore putting his advice into practice and learning from someone who has done it before.

The insights I have gained and continue to gain can be found on my facebook page, and in posts on this website.

It is my sincerest hope that this site and my facebook page can be a source of daily inspiration for you, to help you find your light and let it shine. And I wish you all the happiness, love and success you are capable of and deserve.

Arthur 😃

My precious piano, adorned with paper flowers made
by my even more precious daughter when she was 11.

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