Do you feel the current system of capitalism and “growth at all and any cost” has failed? Do you want to make a difference while creating a sustainable source of income for your social mission? So do I, which is why I am passionate about helping changemakers do just that.

I love cooking…and my “social soufflés” are the perfect dessert to follow the main course of globalised capitalism. Get in touch to see how I can help you cook up your own recipe for making the world taste better!

I have a vision: to help millions out of poverty through enabling and investing in financial (and emotional) independence and changing the way business and non-profits work. For me, neither traditional business nor NPO/NGO models work because they are not sustainable. Businesses too often seek short-term profit at any and all cost and non-profits usually rely on insecure public sector funding and/or one-off donations.

Let’s work together to change this and make a difference in the world!

Social enterprise, for me, represents the way all organisations should operate: at its core is a social mission which aims to make a difference to people’s lives and the planet. This can take many different forms, but the fundamental principle driving them is to build sustainable momentum, independent of purely altruistic support to support the mission.

I bring enabling business disciplines to social missions and a human touch to businesses to bridge the gap between the two and create a conscious organisational culture based on sustainability, ethics and values.


The crazy conventional view suggests that it is acceptable to earn a salary in a bank or other organisation with at best questionable ethics, but one should not earn money for helping people. But surely if everyone was employed to help others, the world would be a better place! Let’s work together to ensure that you can dedicate your life to your mission. Building surpluses that guarantee a future and recycling those surpluses to continue to do more good.


An observer of organisational culture for more than two decades, and published author and speaker on corporate governance and leadership, I can help instil and maintain a healthy, ethical and responsible culture which delivers on the agreed goal in a way which benefits people, planet and profits/surpluses – the so-called Triple Bottom Line.