Communication is about so much more than the language and learning the importance of cultural traits is not only essential but immensely rewarding.

Have a question? Want to know more about me and how I can help? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer. You can even book a free consultation session to experience for yourself what I’m like to work with. 

I have always loved learning languages and exploring different cultures and have a passion for passing on what I have learnt to those who would listen.

Through face-to-face sessions and via Skype, I offer a range of language and cross-cultural communication training services through which you and/or your organisation can improve communication skills in English. By working not only on linguistic proficiency but also on self-confidence, my students become happier and achieve excellent results, especially where there is a specific objective involved.

Increased confidence in communicating in another language leads to greater confidence in other areas of life (one of the reasons I developed my personal development courses), which is why my approach is designed to help you access and harness your potential and so help yourself grow and succeed in your learning, career and life. 

You may not believe it yet, but you have everything you need to succeed!

My main areas of expertise, and where I focus my attention in this area, are:

  • English for travel and special purposes
  • Doing business in English (beyond business English)
  • Localisation (marketing, strategy, web, etc. – beyond translation)

As the last point implies, I am also experienced in translation, though I use the word merely to identify a need, as I never “merely” translate. The importance of factors such as sector, region and audience plus my love of writing and experience as an author mean the objective is to create documents, websites and strategies which look as if they have been conceived and written by a native – because they have!

I prefer to think of it as taking the essence of what you want to say and expressing it in my native language in a way which speaks to people of my culture and the anglophone cultures with which I am familiar. My knowledge of six European languages and wider cultural experience also helps give a breadth to my work, along with my fascination with oriental cultures, especially that of Japan, whose language I have also begun to learn.

If you are interested in accessing the Spanish/Catalan market, where I am based, I can also help, and have a number of local people I trust to ensure good localisation here, too. Spain is, of course, also a European doorway to the growing South American market and I have contacts with businesses who have made that leap successfully.

Please contact me with your specific requirements and I will propose a mutually beneficial solution.

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