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I invite you to try my Conscious Living courses: to challenge and awaken you to the inner power you possess to attract and achieve success in all areas of your life.

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You will learn the best, proven success principles and “secret” techniques that will transform your approach to leadership and life.

I started developing this series while teaching English to professionals here in Lleida. As I became more aware of the power of the techniques I was learning myself I began to focus even more on students’ hidden talents and psychological barriers to reaching their full potential.

As soon as I started incorporating these techniques into my regular classes, I began to see unprecedented changes in the motivation and self-belief of my students, and so in their progress.

Nervous and quiet to surpassing expectations

A particular example I always like to quote is of a student who went from a nervous and quiet member of a group with a level of around 5/10 in the British Council’s English Test (IELTS) to being awarded a 7/10 in the speaking part in just six weeks. By focussing at the beginning on self-confidence and specific goals rather than grammar and exam practice, she was able to transform not only her learning but her self-empowerment in other areas of her life, which in turn helped her achieve and indeed beat her target.

By learning and applying the techniques I teach in my Conscious Living courses, you, too, can achieve similarly spectacular results, not only for you but those around you, especially with the Conscious Leadership “flavour”. Indeed the transformation begins from day one as I challenge pre-conceptions and you will begin to see immediately the potential for change. Since I have seen it time and again, I believe passionately that in as little as two weeks you can completely transform your outlook and, in an organisational context, that of your leadership, your team and your organisation.

You can choose from a number of options, from one of my introductory Conscious Living courses I run from time to time at a central location in Lleida (more locations will follow) to a custom-designed programme for your organisation. In addition, for a limited number of committed and open-minded individual, I am currently offering one-to-one training and mentoring, the most effective and rapid way of achieving the results you want.

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