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For a while my blog had the motto “discere et docere”, meaning “to learn and to teach” in Latin. This highlighted what are for me the fundamental principle any teacher, trainer or coach must embrace, that in order to teach we must first learn. Learn about the individuals or group we wish to serve. Never stop learning and enquiring about the areas we aspire to master – and indeed about life.  I have a very curious mind and a thirst for self-improvement that I can trace back to the mantra given to me by my inspiring music teacher when I was 8 years old:  

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”

Notice the tense here: I AM getting better. Not I will or I must. One implies “not yet” and the other an obligation against which your subconscious, if not all your being, will rebel. As I learn how to go from the shy, rather chaotic boy I once was to an ever more confident and outgoing person (I was surprised, at the start of my own first coaching session, to learn I am 75% extrovert!) who gets things done, I am moved to share this knowledge in a number of different areas, from language learning and starting a business to personal growth and development.


From my years studying personal development and growth, I have created a series of courses designed to raise awareness of your inner power – tapping consciously into your sub-conscious to find and use strengths and abilities hidden even to yourself. It started during my years teaching, so learning was the natural first focus, which I then expanded to incorporate different and wider themes:

  • Conscious Learning
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Conscious Living


I have always loved learning languages and exploring different cultures. Communication is about so much more than the language and learning the importance of cultural traits is not only essential but immensely rewarding. I offer cross-cultural communication training and production services, including:

  • English for travel and special purposes
  • Doing business in English (beyond business English)
  • Localisation (marketing, strategy, web, etc. – beyond translation)

​One more thing…I am not here to sell miracles. Personal growth and learning requires discipline and building sustained momentum, not relying on the “law of attraction”, which while powerful, is useless without “action”.

These days everyone wants to be a “life coach” and I distance myself from this industry. I have learnt from one of the best, Jack Canfield, and know that done well, coaching is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals and live the life you want. But far too many “coaches” mislead people through excessive “positive thinking” mantras that lack substance and proven techniques in how to turn positivity and desires into reality through discipline and work. As Jack and Paul Scheele say their Effortless Success course, it’s not that success doesn’t require lots of work and action. But if you are doing what you love, it does not feel like effort. Personally, I have spent most of my professional life waking up with a burning desire to start “working” . Thomas Edison said, “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun”. Well, I can’t claim to be that successful at always only doing what I love, but it’s close! As I indicated earlier, I was also shy and full of self-doubt, so I know what pain and emptiness this can bring. I would love to help you achieve the same daily joy and satisfaction that I now have.

P.S. The image shows paper flowers made by my daughter resting on my piano. The two most precious parts of my life.