Dare to dream. Of a better world. Of a better you.
Let’s make it happen!


This website – like my life – is dedicated to helping you help yourself, and in the process help make the world a better place. Whether you want to follow your dreams of starting your own business or want to be happy and fulfilled with what you have, I can help.

From an early age I realised my purpose in life was to help people and make the world a better place. Now I realise that we all have everything we need to be happy and achieve what we choose to create, to be emotionally and financially independent. I now dedicate my life to passing on what I have learned to those open to receiving it, in personal development and learning and in business: after all, all enterprise is about people. I bridge the gap between personal development and enterprise to ensure people and the planet are central concerns to business (as this is the only way to lead to sustainable profits), while lending a business-like discipline to personal achievement and social missions. Read More

Personal Development

Discover the hidden genius in you and how to unlock your unlimited potential. Whether you want to put your passion to work and give up the day job or learn a language or other new skills to increase your value and professional opportunities, you will find the answer here!


From my years studying personal development and growth, I have created a series of courses designed to raise awareness of your inner power – tapping consciously into your sub-conscious to find and use strengths and abilities hidden even to yourself. It started during my years teaching, so learning was the natural first focus, which I then expanded to incorporate different and wider themes:

  • Conscious Learning
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Conscious Living


I have always loved learning languages and exploring different cultures. Communication is about so much more than the language and learning the importance of cultural traits is not only essential but immensely rewarding. I offer cross-cultural communication training and production services, including:

  • English for travel and special purposes
  • Doing business in English (beyond business English)
  • Localisation (marketing, strategy, web, etc. – beyond translation)

Social Enterprise

Do you have a burning desire to help people and/or the planet? Do you feel that traditional models of charity and non-governmental organisation are unsustainable and out of date? So do I, which is why at the heart of my own entrepreneurial vision is a new model which is sweeping the world. Social Enterprise, while taking many forms, ultimately aims to perform commercial activity where profits are generated for a social purpose, rather than to redistribute to owners. A sustainable model which generates a win-win situation for people and the planet.


Paying it forward by using your skills and knowledge to help others is the best way to help yourself, and not only for the intangible rewards of giving. Unlike the crazy logic prevalent today which seems to think it is OK to be paid by financial giants whose ethical reputation is at best questionable, but it is not OK to receive fair reward for more dedicated commitment to (genuine) service than any bank, the Social Enterprise model recognises the need to adequately compensate people who work to make the world a better place. With over 20 years business experience and a lifetime wanting to serve, I bring business disciplines to social enterprise and social values to business ventures.


I would love the opportunity to hear from you, what makes you happy, what you want to achieve…even if that’s finding out what it is you want – so many of us struggle to make it to the “start line”. Get in touch and I will spend some time listening, free from judgements and prejudice. Most importantly, I will not give advice. Rather I will suggest ways in which you can develop your own solutions based on what you tell me. Nothing more, nothing less. From there, we can work together to further clarify objectives and possible next steps to achieving them.